Welcome To Real Fooddhism

Sarah Marie Dimitratos

Registered Dietitian


I’m Sarah, a Registered Dietitian from the San Francisco Bay Area, and I warmly welcome you to Real Fooddhism! Fitness and food-loving individuals thrive on evidence-based science to fuel an active lifestyle. As a fellow athlete and food enthusiast, I practice what I preach both in the gym and in the kitchen.

My professional practice addresses both the physiology and the psychology of food and eating for Every. Unique. Individual; This means I promise to meet you wherever you are in your journey to good food and health.

Catch me coaching real people with nutrition/performance goals, cutting through the fluff of trendy nutrition in the media, and earning a PhD at the University of California, Davis! See, we need sound science behind the lab bench, and we need talented professionals (Registered Dietitians!) to translate lab-speak into everyday practice for real people.

Consider this website your trusted source for nutrition information and healthy eating support. You’ll find regular recipe and lifestyle postings from my Instagram account (@RealFooddhism), blog posts addressing what’s hot in nutrition media, sport/athletic performance tips, and big-picture health perspectives.

Check back at your leisure for new and exciting content, or connect with me for one-on-one consulting! Health is a practice that we refine and improve upon each day. Jump to the ‘Contact’ page to work with me.