Hot Streak Road-Map

Decision-Making 101

  1. Dig deep. Does your behavior align with your goals? Proceed.
  2. Will your actions cause harm to people and/or property? If not, proceed.
  3. Is your cheering section behind you? Proceed.
  4. Look both ways (left, right, and left again)*. Proceed

*Note: that I didn’t say ‘recalculate’ if there are obstacles in this navigation. This isn’t Mapquest! Carry on ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s be clear: This post isn’t called “How to Make Decisions with Reckless Abandon.” See, my method requires moving through steps 1-4 in succession; the rules are simple to understand (as in any good game), but to master the game requires objective honesty and raw, albeit sometimes painful, self-evaluation. Only if we intend to do good, we have a support system behind us, we have enough humility to ask for help AND we trust our own ability, can we proceed onward. Now:

Take a meditative breath, turn that trot into a gallop into a sprint-a la pole-vaulter, launch both feet off the ground, and give a triumphant war-cry as we build our wings as the journey unfolds. Now we’re ready for another rule in this game to practice every day: Fill our knowledge bank with treasures from those wiser and more experienced than us. This boils down to both a humble request and a promise:

Invest in my journey, and I’ll return your efforts ten-fold.

We build our wings as we fly in this game, which means we glide on a ‘hot streak’ of our own creation. These rules work, and my newly-achieved Registered Dietitian credentials serve as proof. I’m almost ready to launch both feet off the ground once again into the abyss of my next adventure! Turn that trot into a gallop and join me for what’s to come!


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